It is said that water is the best fertilizer. We know one thing is for sure, where there is water there is life. The word “Eden” at its origin is believed to be derived from the ancient language Aramaic, in which it is defined as a place that is “fruitful and well-watered”.

     The goal at our farm is to naturally hydrate the landscape as much possible. The farm employs several methods  that cause seasonal rainfall to effectively enter the soil. We keep the soil covered with living plants and organic matter. The topography has been altered in many areas to take running water on the longest journey possible, interacting with trees, pasture, gardens, livestock while deeply drenching the soil and gathering nutrients along the way. 

     Ponds and Dams offer a storage space for the water that soil cannot completely absorb. These create great refuge and habitat for wildlife. Deer, bears, amphibians, migratory waterfowl and many more can all be seen using this human created habitat. The largest reservoir on the property holds over a million gallons of freshwater that previously flowed aggressively down the drainage eroding the soils and polluting the watershed with its turbidity and speed. Now, some of that water fosters a whole new set of life and offers us fish, irrigation, aquatic plants, pollinator habitat, recreation, and a beautiful atmosphere that brings hope and possibly to the increasingly dry landscapes that surround us.


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