Our Farm

    East End Eden is our permaculture homestead the east end of Ojai. It demonstrates regionally appropriate regenerative farming techniques, natural building, and drought mitigating water management. We offer workshops and training, farm tours, and seasonally available products. We seek to educate and inspire through our examples of landscape restoration and succession into abundance using permaculture ethics and principles. 

What We Do

         For the production of food and resources, a Permaculture system organizes a functional ecosystem of cultivated plants, domesticated animals and beneficial changes in landform and topography. This human-centric habitat also interacts beneficially with natural ecosystems and wild species. Such a system has both the resilience of wild nature and the orderly utility of agriculture and its domesticates. This effective merging of the stable agrarian innovations of the last 10,000+ years and the even more ancient wisdom provided by the dictates of nature upon our foraging ancestors may hold the simple truths that can help to address the complex challenges facing industrial civilization at the present.

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