East End Eden is our permaculture homestead the east end of Ojai. It demonstrates regionally appropriate regenerative farming techniques, natural building, and drought mitigating water management. We offer workshops and training, farm tours, and seasonally available products. We seek to educate and inspire through our examples of landscape restoration and succession into abundance using permaculture ethics and principles. 

Ojai Permaculture

What is Permaculture?

     Permaculture is about creating a permanent culture. The lifespan of a culture is dependent upon the consistent availability of natural resources. The permaculture approach seeks to achieve such consistency though the creation of human-centric cultivated ecosystems and the preservation of existing ecologies.


      This involves:

  • Rehydrating landscapes by harvesting and storing rainwater in the soil

  • Continuously building healthier and more productive soils by replicating natural soil building processes

  • The establishment of managed productive plan communities, primarily comprised of perennials

  • Providing habitat for wildlife, and creating managed habitats for livestock

  • The construction of sensible, non-toxic housing using natural and/or recycled resources available

  • Using appropriate technologies for fuel and energy sources

  • Growing community by nurturing mutual and respectful relationships with others


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1809 Ladera Rd, Ojai, CA 93023, USA

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(805) 290-0832

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